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Body / Frame

Post by Raziel on Sat Apr 18, 2015 8:54 pm

Scientifically known as; Xykon Frivolux Canidon

+Big, bat like ears.+
{ Due to the loss of sight, these creatures depend mostly on it's sense of touch, smell, and hearing, thus the reason of it's abnormally large ears. }

+No Eyes+
{ Xykes are sightless animals, they lack any working pair of eyes, most of the time the eyes aren't even formed. It's rare if they are, however they're as useful as if they hadn't had them in the first place. }

+Cat like tails+
{ Balance is a key feature for these hybrids, Xykons are extremely dependent on their tails for hunting and fighting, without their tails, they'd have no balance. }

{ One of their main sources of food, is fish. It's part of their main diet, which is a major reason as to why they have retractable claws, and webbed feet. They're excellent swimmers, even more so if they're close to the water. }

+Lithe, slender frame+
{ Assists in their agility in climbing and running. It also allows them to avoid being hit/caught/etc. }

{ This trait only occurs for the Dark, element. Most of the time it's the leaders that wield these horns, the subordinates are rarely seen with any sort of head growth until being ranked, or are born into leadership. }


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