Reproduction / Whelps

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Reproduction / Whelps

Post by Raziel on Sat Apr 18, 2015 9:13 pm

+ R E P R O D U C T I O N +
Xykons wield both female and male reproductive organs, this also means that if a xykon with a dominant male trait, wished to mate with another with the same dominant trait, they'd have no problem producing Whelps, thus allowing them to reproduce as they please. Differentiating {telling the difference between} these animals' genders are nearly impossible to any creature unfamiliar with Xykes.

During courtship, a couple will grow close emotionally and physically. They're protective of their spouse, and extremely playful.
They are known to start reproducing during the Fall and/or Winter, however it's been known that they will start during Spring and Summer as well.

+ Whelps +
A female Xykon will carry their young for 3-5 months, and during that time period they're prone to showing frequent aggression and shying away from their tribes, their mates are the only ones who are allowed being close to a pregnant Xykon without being chased off or maimed severely.
When it's time to birth the Whelps, the mother will disappear, having gone underground {Or further underground} for 5-7 days and returning with the young when the birthing is done, and the whelps' ears are opened{Which takes about 2 days}. Young will stay by their parents for a span of 15-20 years before going off on their own, they are fully developed at the age of 20. Both of the parents are equally responsible for caring for the child{ren}.

There are 2-4 Xykes in a litter, anymore is a rarity and inconvenience for the parents.
If there are more then 4 whelps, the parents have the choice of chasing off, or slaughtering the weakest of the litter if they wished.


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