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Rules & Regulations

Post by Raziel on Sat Apr 18, 2015 9:43 pm

Rules to follow In Character {IC} and Out Of Character {OOC}

You're expected to be literate, as this is a strictly literate role-play. Meaning you are to have decent spelling and punctuation. However we'll accept semi-literates occasionally, and give them time to improve. If they have not improved with the time span of a month, they will be kicked.

If you are trying to improve in your literacy, please accept the help given to you. All members want to do is help you, not criticize you.
   However if you are helping someone improve, don't be snappy about it. Give them helpful tips or pointers.

Even though we are an unrealistic roleplay, appearance wise, we do not want too see you with neon wings, or obnoxiously bright markings. You are to follow the Element appearances, and will be warned if you are not, they aren't that difficult to follow, so there is no excuses.
You’ll be kicked if you don’t fix it, or unable to join altogether.

Items are okay, but again, no wings, or neon bubbles. Necklaces, earrings and bracelets and things of that sort are perfectly okay. Fail to meet this you’ll be warned and/or kicked.

Under no circumstances will there be any bullying OOC at any time to one of your packmates or to any player outside of the group. If you're caught bullying someone on your XA character, you will be warned.

Please respect all of the members, if someone tells you to stop talking about it you stop. No ifs, and/or butts.

Yes Xykons will be using "powers" but we do not want too see you going overboard with them. If we see you setting forests on fire, or flooding the place IC you will be warned to knock it off. This roleplay is aimed to be as realistic as possible within it's unrealistic boundaries, any of that nonsense will not be tolerated when roleplaying.

Please, respect higher ranks and staff. Obey them, if you think they may be wrong discussion is encouraged. Follow the rules and terms of your ranks too.

Please, try to be active. We’d like for you to be on as much as you possibly can we understand that real life comes first and some of you may have other role-plays to attend to. If you are out for more than two weeks without telling why, you will be kicked.

Puppies. We all at some point want to be one for as long as possible, however this role-play requires as much realism as possible, thus puppies are to follow some sort of aging chart. If we see you aren’t aging your whelp, and you aren't at least a young adolescent in the span of 4 weeks, you’ll be spoken to about it.
This goes for adolescents and adults as well. Use an aging system, if you do not have one we can assist in making one for you.

Begging for mates, parents or pups will not be tolerated. It’s annoying, seriously. Don’t do it. You ask once, and if your denied that’s it.

Mating in public isn’t tolerated at all. No one wants to see you getting down with someone like that. Take it too party or whisper.

When females are expecting, they’re asked to find people to play those offspring. They won’t be able to fulfill their duties when they are pregnant, so they are to stay within camp and under the eyes of the Doctors and Matriarchs.

You are allowed at the most, two characters in the group, however the highest ranking should be the one your most active with. This is simply to keep people from overcrowding the group with a bunch of inactive characters. Being caught with more then one will result in a warning and/or a demotion.

If you have any questions or need something cleared up, please come to one of our admins and we will try and fix it for you as quickly as possible!


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